Sep 282019


This week was a lot of fun with our Terry Fox run on Thursday. Our school ran over 1000km all together, 1/5th what Terry accomplished! It was great to get out and run for an extended time.

In language arts this week we worked on writing a paragraph about Terry Fox. We worked hard on editing and proofreading it. They are on display in the foyer.

In math we worked on using variables to solve a problem, so an example would be 6+n=13. We played around with the order of equations, and wrote some word problems of our own. Friday’s quiz went well, with only a few minor mistakes.

In science we looked more into the 3 phases of matter and how they change from solid, liquid, and gas. We also briefly looked at plasma, another phase of matter, and how that is created.

In social studies we finished off levels of government with a paragraph on which level they feel is most important. We also created a class Venn diagram using newspaper headlines and putting them in the right category.

On Friday we discussed the 3 main types of government, and discussed how Canada is a democracy.

Our spelling test this week was on the provinces and territories. They did well with their pretest, which was sent home, and on Monday we will have our final. Study up this weekend!

We continued our French basic can conversations learning about bien and mal. We are slowly getting there.

Next week on Monday is Orange Shirt day, we will discuss and write a paragraph about it. We will also look into nouns, verbs, and adverbs, in preparation for Mad Lib Friday’s. We will finish our pattern work in math with a review and test on Friday. We will start looking into mixture and solutions in science, with a couple of fun experiments. And in socials we will look at the different political parties of Canada. It is going to be another busy week, especially with our class Hustle on Tuesday and handball starting.

Don’t forget to sign those online forms about media and field trips! Have a good weekend and see you Monday.

Sep 202019


We were very busy this week, especially getting those art pieces finished for the open house. It was good to meet those who could make it!

In language arts we worked on adjectives. We created an acrostic pork about ourselves using adjectives to describe us. They are on our WOW wall for display. Some examples below:

We also started working on paragraph work. We will be continuing to work on paragraphs for the next month. Today we wrote about pizza.

In math we started working in our math makes sense textbook. We have started out pattern unit, looking at different patterns, how to make a pattern, and how to state the pattern rule. We also created tables to represent a pattern. In Friday we had a quiz, everyone did pretty well, a couple of small mistakes that we fixed.

In science we started our chemistry unit by looking at the phases of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. We discussed the characteristics of each, and how they change phases. To show this we turned a solid block of juice into a liquid drink, then back into popsicles. They were tasty and a nice treat on Friday.

In social studies we started our look at the government and the 3 levels within Canada: federal, provincial, municipal. We talked about the responsibilities of each, and created a symbol map of them. They will be in display on our WOW wall next week. We also started looking into the leaders of these levels, and where they meet.

In art we worked on our Picasso Guess Who activity, drawing our own faces in Cubism style. They will be on display in our hallway for 2 to 3 weeks.








We also briefly started French, with bonjour, comment ca va, and au revoir. We will go further into simple feeling next week.

Next week no school Monday for students. We will continue with levels of government in social studies, but look more into positions and elected members. We will continue working on pattern work, introducing a little bit of algebra 5+n=8. In science we are going to cut out and order the phases of matter. In language arts we will learn about nouns and verbs, and work more on paragraphs.


Important dates for next week:

– Terry Fox run Thursday (dress like a super hero day)

– Book order due Friday

– Subway due

-G and Pink forms due


Have a good weekend and see you Tuesday

Sep 132019


We have completed our first full week as a class! Lots of notices have gone home, some have found their way back. The sooner those forms, and the ones online, are filled out, the sooner we can go on field trips!

This week in language arts we worked on editing skills and proof reading. We were highlighting errors left, right, and center! We also worked on a summer word web and rough draft. I can tell already we need to work on paragraphs…

In math we worked on learning some games, so we have something to do if we finish our work early. We also completed the “Beginning grade _” workbook. It will give me a quick overview at where everyone is at with their number sense.

In social studies we worked on a map of Canada, with all of its provinces and capital cities. Most turned out great! A couple seemed to have forgotten about the east coast…

In science we discussed the Scientific Method and each step involves. We practiced our scientific method with an experiment, it was how to clean pennies. We made an observation about how dirty they were, then researched the best way to clean them. After we made a hypothesis about which substance would clean the pennies best: soap, Windex, lemon juice, vinegar, or hot sauce. We spent 2 days recording our observations and data. By the end the lemon juice cleaned them best, but the real shocker was how the hot sauce first turned them green, then dissolved the copper off the pennies entirely. Makes you think twice about eating it…

For art we worked on names tags and our puzzle piece. Our puzzle piece will be shown next week on our door.

One week down, like 38 more to go?

Next week we will be working on: how to write a paragraph, starting our math work on patterns, levels of government in social studies, phases of matter in science, Picasso in art, and beginning French.

Don’t forget to get those notices in. We should have agendas out soon, hopefully next week. Enjoy your weekend and see you Monday.


Sep 052019

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