Oct 252019


A short one this week, with a Pro D day tomorrow. Pictures went home today, as well as Intern Reports. Read it over, sign, and send back the bottom part next week. I forgot to sent the introduction letter to the new system, it will go home Monday.

We practices what living in different types of governments this week, with monarchy on Monday, oligarchy on Tuesday, and dictatorship on Wednesday. Let me tell you, Wednesday was the best behaved day we have had, though not the happiest.

We started writing out horror stories this week using the Chromebooks. We have been working hard to edit and proof read them, making sure they make sense. Everyone can access their story at home, by signed in to their email @sd62learns.org.

We worked hard on estimation and rounding this week in math. I think by the end of the week we got how to round to the nearest hundred or thousand, and how you round 0-4 down, and 5-9 up. We also worked on adding large numbers and carrying the 1 on top of the place value. We will continue estimating next week, and look at subtracting large numbers.

Our socials studies work this week focused on preparing for the test. We played some study games, and made cheat sheet post-it notes using their class notes to use for the test. Some students did well with their test, most however were not able to complete their test. Some learned that their notebook needs to be more organised and completed, some learned to add more information to their cheat sheet. We will be doing a re-test next week, which will give us a good look at how we can learn from failure.

In science we started building catapults! First drafts this week, with next week improving them. We will have a competition next Friday to see whose shoots the longest.

Next week is Halloween, costumes or orange/black on Thursday. We will be carving pumpkins in groups on Thursday. Government retest on Wednesday. Catapult contest Friday. Should be a fun week!

Have a good long weekend, and see you Monday.

Oct 192019


We did it! Our class took part in the student vote for the Federal election. I feel that most were well informed enough to make a wise vote based off of their specific interests. The results will be posted next week, after the actual vote.

Other than spending this week preparing to vote, we started our horror story investigation. We listened to a Goosebumps story as a class, and discussed how to write a journal and story outline based off of it. Everyone then chose their own specific Goosebumps book to read. On Friday we started branching out ideas for writing our own horror story. It’s going to get spooky for the next 2 weeks.

We have also finished our chemistry unit for science. We took a test on Thursday about the phases of matter, mixtures and solutions, and the scientific method. Looks like everyone has the basic knowledge of the topics, giving us some room for some cool science challenges for the next 2 weeks.

Well we did a little better with our base 10 requiz. Seems though that many students are rushing their work, and still making simple mistakes. Most students how ever did very well with expanded form and written form of numbers this week, as well as ordering numbers.

Next week a couple of grade 4s will start writing the FSA test. The rest of the class will learn some French Halloween vocabulary. We will also push hard with our horror story writing. We will be having a social studies test on Wednesday about the government of Canada.

Non school next Friday.

Have a good weekend, and don’t forget to Vote on Monday!

Oct 112019


Picture day was this week, everyone was looking pretty spiffy. All pizza orders were due Friday, so hopefully you got yours in.

We had some difficulty with math this week. We were working on place value with multiples of 10, 100, 1000, 10000, ect. Examples were how many hundreds fit into 40,000, or what is 1000 x 100. It took us a while to get the concept of moving the 0’s around to make it easier. The quiz this week was more of a learning activity. We will be doing a retest next week. They did however really enjoy the roll to a million game, and are getting better at saying large numbers out loud.

We finished off verbs and adverbs this week, and started creating some silly alliteration sentences. Some examples were the angry alligator ate agressivly, the dangerous dog dug dreadfully, and the fierce fish faught frantically. Practicing using more descriptive language.

In science we looked more into mixture and solutions by discussing and experimenting with the density of liquids. We made an hypothesis about how dense a liquid may be in compared to others, dyed them a specific colour, and poured them into a water bottle. The goal was to create a rainbow in a bottle. Here were some of our results.

We also made lava lamps using vegetable oil, water, food colouring, and Alka Seltzer to make bubbles.

We researched more about the election this week by looking at the local candidates and making a cheat sheet on each parties platform. We have almost finished researching and preparing ourselves for the student vote. We also used the Chromebooks to complete the online survey to see which party we are closest to.

In French we looked at the masculine and feminine versions of a (un or une) and the (le, la, and les). It was tricky at first, but eventually students caught on to the patterns of each.

Next week we will go further into place value with standard and expanding form. Our language arts will focus more on reading horror stories and getting ready for Halloween. We will have the student vote on Friday, hopefully by then everyone will be well informed. We will be having our science test on the phases of matter and mixtures or solutions, with some jeopardy before to help stimulate some answers. There may be a WITS presentation, a Cops for Cancer visit, and a Halloween safety program coming soon.

Advance voting just opened up, so get out there and vote this weekend, and see you all Tuesday. Happy Thanksgiving!

Oct 052019


October is here, and so is the rainy weather with it. Don’t forget to bring appropriate clothing and shoes to school.

We started the week off with an Orange Shirt day activity. We discussed identity and what makes us unique. We created a word web about ourselves, briefly adding some virtues we feel important about. Next we read the Orange Shirt Day story, and we discussed how it is more than just about a shirt, it is about how a person’s identity was taken away. We thought about how what if part of our identity was taken away, how would we feel. We then created our own orange shirts to express our identity. They are on display outside our door.

We finished off our pattern work this week with a look at basic multiplication and division algebra, leading into a final test. Most did very well with the test, a couple learned to read the question carefully before answering, and a couple learned to check over their work before handing it in.

In language arts we discussed nouns and verbs and played a couple of guessing games with them. We also had our first spelling test, looking into ‘able’ and ‘tch’ words. We weren’t able to practice our paragraph writing this week, so we will have to double up for next week.

In gym we have been focusing on handball, as the season for sooke district starts soon. Lots of grade 4 excitement about joining the team.

In social studies we dove into our federal election by researching the top 5 political parties and what they stand for.

After we created campaign posters about each of the parties, with slogans and platform ideas.

In science we started looking into mixture and solutions, what each are, and how to distinguish between them. We performed a couple of experiments into trying to seperate mixtures to see if they are solutions or not.

Two of our students spent some points and chose to lead a science class this week, by having the class make some slime. It was a little chaotic, but everyone seemed to love their slime (which is not allowed at school), so enjoy it.

Next week we will start our unit on place value, whole number, and estimation. We will look at adverbs and alliteration in Language Arts.  Go further into the election with local ridings and candidates in Social Studies. And experiment more with the mixtures and solutions with liquid densities.

Have a good weekend, and see you Monday.