Oct 252019


A short one this week, with a Pro D day tomorrow. Pictures went home today, as well as Intern Reports. Read it over, sign, and send back the bottom part next week. I forgot to sent the introduction letter to the new system, it will go home Monday.

We practices what living in different types of governments this week, with monarchy on Monday, oligarchy on Tuesday, and dictatorship on Wednesday. Let me tell you, Wednesday was the best behaved day we have had, though not the happiest.

We started writing out horror stories this week using the Chromebooks. We have been working hard to edit and proof read them, making sure they make sense. Everyone can access their story at home, by signed in to their email @sd62learns.org.

We worked hard on estimation and rounding this week in math. I think by the end of the week we got how to round to the nearest hundred or thousand, and how you round 0-4 down, and 5-9 up. We also worked on adding large numbers and carrying the 1 on top of the place value. We will continue estimating next week, and look at subtracting large numbers.

Our socials studies work this week focused on preparing for the test. We played some study games, and made cheat sheet post-it notes using their class notes to use for the test. Some students did well with their test, most however were not able to complete their test. Some learned that their notebook needs to be more organised and completed, some learned to add more information to their cheat sheet. We will be doing a re-test next week, which will give us a good look at how we can learn from failure.

In science we started building catapults! First drafts this week, with next week improving them. We will have a competition next Friday to see whose shoots the longest.

Next week is Halloween, costumes or orange/black on Thursday. We will be carving pumpkins in groups on Thursday. Government retest on Wednesday. Catapult contest Friday. Should be a fun week!

Have a good long weekend, and see you Monday.

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