Nov 012019


I hope everyone had a good Halloween night, it was good to see most of the students back Friday morning.

In math this week we worked on estimating differences and working on subtracting large numbers. Some learned about how to borrow from the greater place value. By the end of the week most were adding and subtracting machines! Rounding still need some work though.

In language arts we finished off our horror stories. Many of them were well written, with only a few punctuation errors. Some needed heavy editing to make the story flow. A couple made no sense at all and had too much filler. But for our first opportunity with using computers to type our work, it turned out well.

We did much better with our government re-test. Everyone’s mark improved. Here is hoping the next time we come more prepared and have our notes organized for the test.

In science this week we build catapults! We had a catapult contest on Friday. The winning catapult shot it’s projectile 750 cm.

On Halloween we carved some pumpkins. It was a lot of fun, and some students first time doing it.

Next week we will finish our novel study. We will practice reading poems and readers theater for the Remembrance Day ceremony. In math we will finish off our estimation, place value, and addition/subtraction unit with a review and final test. We are starting our regions of Canada unit for social studies. In science we are also starting our look into different types of energy.

It is going to be a busy week, can’t wait. Have a good weekend, and see you on Monday.

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