Nov 092019


It was very interesting going from Halloween straight into Remembrance Day, but we rocked it.

We spent most of the week preparing for our Remembrance Day readers theater and poem. 11 students were brave enough to speak in from of the entire school, and did a very good job during the assembly. We also wrote about what Remembrance Day is.

We also created giant poppies to showcase the poem In Flanders Field. It is displayed outside our room.

We finished our Goosebumps novel study this week! We have been working on it for about a month. On Tuesday we will be writing a synopsis about our book.

We finished our whole number, place value, estimation, and addition/subtraction work this week with a final unit test. Most students did very well, and have shown me we are ready to move into multiplication.

We watched Bill Nye in science this week as an introduction into Energy. Next week we will discuss potential and kinetic energy, as well as different types of energy.

We have been researching different Canadian regions this week, and are making travel brochures for a specific region. They have to display physical characteristics, wild life, vegetation, resources, tourism, and how the region was formed. Most students are working on their good copy.

Remembrance Day on Monday, enjoy your long weekend, and see you Tuesday.


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