Nov 222019


It was good to see those who could make it to the parent teacher interviews on Thursday night. I feel like we have set some nice achievable goals for the next term. Because of the short week, we only focused on a couple of small things.

In math, we learned a new strategy for multiplying numbers, by breaking up one of the factors. An example is 7X8. So 7 can be broken up into 5 and 2. 5X8 is 40, and 2X8 is 16. Add 40 and 16 back together, and you get 56, which is 7X8. I really like this strategy as it helps with multiplying really large numbers later on. Our quiz on Thursday showed almost everyone has gotten the strategy down.

In science we described a couple of energy experiment. One experiment that supposed the students was bouncing 2 balls, and having the energy transfer from 1 ball to the other, causing it to bounce really high. Our Coke and Mentors experiment was kind of a dud, as there were a couple of technical difficulties.

In social studies we discussed what energy resources BC has, and worked in groups to research them.

We also went over the guidelines for our Natural Resource booklets, and started our Energy project. Lots of projects about wind farms so far…

For art this week we used pointillism to paint random drawings. They really enjoyed this activity. The art is on display outside our room.

We also looked at the days of the week and months of the year in french. We will now start writing the french date on the board every morning (as long as I don’t forget…)

Next week we will look at arrays for math, and play a couple of games with them. For language arts, we will finally get into doing a journal, to write on Mondays. We will look into mining and forestry for social studies, as well as mine for some chocolate chips in an experiment. We will go on an energy scavenger hunt around the school, trying to find different forms of energy.

Next week is the handball jamboree at Royal Bay. Tuesday for girls, Wednesday for boys. Should be a lot of fun. Pizza day is also Friday.

Have a good weekend, and see you Monday.




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