Nov 302019


It was really cold this week, don’t forget to bring your winter clothing and the temperature continues to drop.

In math we looked at the relationship between multiplication and division. How division is breaking a large number into smaller groups, and multiplying smaller groups will give you the large number. Everyone did well with the quiz on Thursday.

In language arts, we are working on creating fictional stories to explain why we have certain rules. An example would be: wash your clothing, or they will wake up and eat you. Next week we will write a couple more stories, and choose one to publish.

In social studies, we looked at mining and logging as natural resources. For mining, we mined for chocolate chips out of cookies. This helped us learn about the negative effects of mining.

As you can see, mining can lead to deforestation and lost of animal habitats.

In science, we discussed energy input and energy output, and went on an energy scavenger hunt around the school. We also had an energy quiz, though some students did not study and will have to do a retest next week. Remember to know about potential and kinetic energy, that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed, and the different input and output energy forms.

In french, we learned about french numbers to 75. We played french bingo, and one student won’t both times, so we will have to play again soon.

IXL forms went home this week. It is an online math program we will be doing in class. Get those forms in quick!

Next week we will start looking into simple machines for science, multiplying two digit numbers in math, discuss fisheries and fish farms in social studies, and continue working on our funny rule stories.

Have a good weekend, and see you Monday.


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