Dec 212019


We did it! We finished off our last week before the winter break. It was a long one, felt like two weeks jammed together.

In math we had a two digit by two digit multiplication quiz, which showed me almost all the students have built up their number sense pretty well. Looks like a lot of students have been using their IXL at home, which is great!

In language arts we worked more on perspective writing, taking on different roles and writing from their point of view. We also wrote a journal entry about what our winter plans will be.

In social studies we finished off our Natural Resource booklets, currently on our Wonder Wall.

We also talked about the three Rs and made some paper! Though it’s more like cardboard.

In science we worked on our wheel and axle project, building a wind car! Took all week, and most were finished today. We will race them when we get back in January.

We also created some 3D snowflakes and coloured some French colour by number pictures.

On Tuesday we had our winter concert. It was great to see so many come out for our evening show. It was fantastic that our class was chosen to MC most of the show, especially three grade 4 students. They did a fantastic job.

Wednesday we went swimming. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun.

And Friday was our Santa’s pancake breakfast and White Elephant Gift Exchange. The breakfast went well, everyone got to eat, and the lines were going pretty quickly. For our gift exchange, it was fun to see who got what, their reactions, and how almost everyone traded at the end.

Enjoy your two weeks off, because when we get back in January we are right back to work. Have a good holiday, and see you next year.

Dec 162019


One week left to go! Tuesday is our winter concert, tickets go home Monday. Wednesday is our swim day, bring a towel and change of clothing.

In math this week we learned how to multiply two digit numbers by two digit numbers. So far our box strategy helped everyone break up the numbers, making it easier to multiply and add later. Math quiz Tuesday!

In science we looked at the screw, wedge, pulley, and wheel and axle. For the screw, we made one using a piece of paper. For the wedge, we compared flat nose and pointed nose paper airplanes. For the pulley, we made our own pulleys, and lifted objects around the room. And for wheel and axle we will make wind cards next week.

For social studies we wrote an essay on the pros and cons of a natural resource, and worked on finished our booklets. They will be on our wow wall next week.

In language arts we started trying our perspective writing. It was a lot of fun, because on Wednesday one of the options was to write a queen song about eating waffles, and many students challenged themselves, resulting in an entertaining class. Next week we will write more wacky stories.

In art we created 3D snowflakes, large ones for the concert, small ones for home. It took them a while to get the cutting pattern down, but by the end most had it.

Next week is our last before the winter break. Tuesday is our concert, Wednesday is swimming, and Friday we have a pancake breakfast. Should be a fun week. Hope you had a good weekend, and see you Monday.

Dec 082019


We have made it to December, no snow yet, but some frost on the ground. Winter concert ticket requests went out this week, Monday is the last day to hand them in. Swim forms went out Friday, you have 2 weeks to get those in.

We started our look into multiplying two digit numbers this week, but kept it easy with multiples of 10. Next week we will look at a couple of strategies in solving larger multiplication equations.

Half of the students have finished their Secret Rules creative writing, the other half will finish next week. So far they are turning out great!

We started our look into simple machines this week for science. On Thursday we learned about the inclined plane, and how it helps support the load. We practiced dropping eggs and rolling them down an inclined plane, to see the difference in damage, and the inclined plane resulted in less damage.

We also looked at levers, and how the placement of a fulcrum affects how easy it is to lift your load. They were amazed by how easy it was to move an object when the fulcrum was right next to the load.

In social studies we finished off forestry and started our fishery work. We talked about fish farming in BC, and the pros and cons that went with it.

To go along with our natural resource unit we painted Ted Harrison style landscapes. They are in display in our hallway.

Next week we will finish our natural resource unit, look screws, wedges, pulleys, and maybe even the wheel and axle for science, and work on some perspective writing in language arts.

Have a good weekend, and see you Monday.