Dec 082019


We have made it to December, no snow yet, but some frost on the ground. Winter concert ticket requests went out this week, Monday is the last day to hand them in. Swim forms went out Friday, you have 2 weeks to get those in.

We started our look into multiplying two digit numbers this week, but kept it easy with multiples of 10. Next week we will look at a couple of strategies in solving larger multiplication equations.

Half of the students have finished their Secret Rules creative writing, the other half will finish next week. So far they are turning out great!

We started our look into simple machines this week for science. On Thursday we learned about the inclined plane, and how it helps support the load. We practiced dropping eggs and rolling them down an inclined plane, to see the difference in damage, and the inclined plane resulted in less damage.

We also looked at levers, and how the placement of a fulcrum affects how easy it is to lift your load. They were amazed by how easy it was to move an object when the fulcrum was right next to the load.

In social studies we finished off forestry and started our fishery work. We talked about fish farming in BC, and the pros and cons that went with it.

To go along with our natural resource unit we painted Ted Harrison style landscapes. They are in display in our hallway.

Next week we will finish our natural resource unit, look screws, wedges, pulleys, and maybe even the wheel and axle for science, and work on some perspective writing in language arts.

Have a good weekend, and see you Monday.


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