Dec 162019


One week left to go! Tuesday is our winter concert, tickets go home Monday. Wednesday is our swim day, bring a towel and change of clothing.

In math this week we learned how to multiply two digit numbers by two digit numbers. So far our box strategy helped everyone break up the numbers, making it easier to multiply and add later. Math quiz Tuesday!

In science we looked at the screw, wedge, pulley, and wheel and axle. For the screw, we made one using a piece of paper. For the wedge, we compared flat nose and pointed nose paper airplanes. For the pulley, we made our own pulleys, and lifted objects around the room. And for wheel and axle we will make wind cards next week.

For social studies we wrote an essay on the pros and cons of a natural resource, and worked on finished our booklets. They will be on our wow wall next week.

In language arts we started trying our perspective writing. It was a lot of fun, because on Wednesday one of the options was to write a queen song about eating waffles, and many students challenged themselves, resulting in an entertaining class. Next week we will write more wacky stories.

In art we created 3D snowflakes, large ones for the concert, small ones for home. It took them a while to get the cutting pattern down, but by the end most had it.

Next week is our last before the winter break. Tuesday is our concert, Wednesday is swimming, and Friday we have a pancake breakfast. Should be a fun week. Hope you had a good weekend, and see you Monday.

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