Jan 182020


Our first snow day of the year made this week a little short, with less students Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

In Language arts we edited and added more to our secret rules story. Almost all the students have now finished their story, which I will be making into a book for our class.

We practiced a lot of long division in math this week, learning about the place value method. We were going to do our final quiz on Friday, but with the lack of people, I thought it best to postpone until next week, and get more practice in.

We started discussing the difference between fact and opinion today, talking about the importance of recognizing them. It is my lead in to propaganda and eventually smart internet searches, which we will discuss next week.

In Science we talked about how combining simple machines makes a complex machine. Then looked at some complex machines, and discussed how a Rube Goldberg machine works. We will be making our own Rube Goldberg machines next week, so bring in your supplies.

In art we started a winter night mosaic art project, which should be finished next week.

Curling forms went home this week, try to get them in fast, and don’t forget that they need indoor shoes! I will be sending reminders home in their agendas.

Have a good weekend, and see you Monday.

Jan 112020


We are back from our two week break, and jumping right back into our work.

We finished off simple machines this week in science with a scavenger hunt around the school, a quiz, and wind car race! Big wheel came first at 5.7 meters, beating mine by .3 meters.

In social studies we finished off our Natural Resource unit with a review and final test. Seems like most got the pros and cons of each resource.

In math we jumped right into long division. We started small by discussing what a remainder is, and how if you had 9 things, and broke them into 2 groups, you would have 1 remainder left over. We then looked at large division questions, and practiced the bar method of divisions, which they are starting to get a hang of.

In Language arts we started typing up our stories, and drew some pictures to go with them. I will be making a book for our class. We also started a novel study on City of Ember. So far they are intrigued by it.

Next week we will look at complex machines, and start planning to build a Rube Goldberg machine in science. In social studies we will look at fact vs opinion, and start thinking about credible sources of information. In language arts we will be adding more details to our stories, and continuing with our novel study. In math we will look at place value long division, and finish up our multiplication and division unit. In French we will be discussing our preferences, likes and dislikes, and starting to create a french ‘All about me’ poster.

Next week be on the look out for a field trip form about our class going Curling at the end of January.

Have a good weekend and see you on Monday.