Oct 302020


We has a pretty spooky week this week, in preparation for the weekend.

We started off working hard on our horror stories. Most of the students are pretty much done, except a couple of proof reading aspects I will correct over the weekend. I will be posting a picture of all of our stories on Monday. Some are pretty spooky, and definitely give off a Scooby Doo vibe.

We finished off our government unit in social studies, with a game of jeopardy, creating a cheat sheet from our notes, and having a final test. Most did well with their test, although some struggles because their cheat sheet was lacking information and was disorganized. So those who got under 35, I taught them how to redo their cheat sheet in a more organized way, and retake the test. They did much better with an organized cheat sheet. Our results from the student vote came back, lots of John Horgan fans apparently in my class.

In science this week we had an introduction to our energy and simple machines unit with a capatapult competition! In groups students designed and built their own competition, using craft sticks, tape, and elastics. Their were some good designs, though the best designs used a lever motion, rather than a spring motion.

Mine however was the champion.

In math we learned about converting standard for numbers into expanded and written form. So 373, 903 is standard form. To turn it into expanded form you take each place value number away, so 300,000+70,000+3,000+900+3. Written form is using words, so there hundred seventy three thousand nine hundred three. We also used this information to compare and order numbers.

We also finished off our grammar unit in language arts, finding and circling nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs in sentences.

In French we learned some Halloween vocabulary, and player some french Halloween bingo.

And finally on Friday we had a pumpkin carving contest! It was a lot of fun and some cool pumpkins ideas. I managed to win this competition too, because I played to my audience and carved a familiar character which I knew would get more votes.

I hope everyone got the email on Thursday about having a discussion with their child about their online presence. It is very important to have a continual conversation about what they are seeing and who they are talking to on the internet.

I hope everyone has a spooky and safe weekend, and see you Monday.


P.s. I told all my student’s about a candy tax, so be warned.


Oct 232020


We had a lot of fun today during our biking safety event, sponsored by Bike to work week. There were lessons on how to use bike paths, when to stop, how to use turn signals, and some cone obstacle courses. Hopefully it gets our students out biking more.

In math this week we worked on place value and multiplying and dividing 10s, 100s, 1000s, ect. We learned that with multiplication we combine all of the 0s, then multiply the numbers left. Example: 4000×20000=80000000. With division we learned that we cross out the same number of 0s on each side of the question, then divide the numbers left over. Example: 50000รท100=500. We have a quiz about it on Monday.

We also played a place value game, were we roll a die and put a number in a place value, trying to make the biggest number. It was a real hit.

In language arts we are carrying in with our Goosebumps novel study, with some students almost done. We are also starting to write our own horror stories. We did a lot of prewriting and planning, and now most students are typing their story on their Google Docs. We will be finishing them next week.

We learned about the density of liquids on Tuesday, making predictions, and trying to make a rainbow in a bottle. They turned out alright, though some students poured their liquids in too aggressively, and mixed together too much.

We also finished off our phases and mixtures unit, with a jeopardy game on Wednesday, and a test on Thursday. So far the tests look good, only some minor mistakes.

In social studies we finished off our look at the BC election, learning more about the 4 candidates running in our riding. We also took part in the student vote! Democracy in action.

In art we worked on negative space pumpkins, they turned out pretty well.

Next week we will learn some french Halloween vocab, finish our horror stories, finish up our grammar unit, finish up our government unit, learn about expanded form with math, and build some catapults. It will be a busy week.

Have a good weekend, enjoy the extra day, and see you Monday.

Oct 172020


Hope everyone had a good weekend, just a reminder that it is getting colder, so start bringing those jackets and umbrellas.

In math this week we reviewed our pattern and variable work, and had a test on Friday. The test went very well, with a couple of perfect scores, great work everyone!

In language arts we worked on an alliteration sentences worksheet, practicing our nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.

We also started a Goosebumps novel study, as we will be writing horror stories next week, and need to learn how to write one that doesn’t have violence in it.

In social studies we looked at some political parties of BC, specifically the ones in our riding: NDP, Liberal, Green, and Communist. We researched the parties, and made posters for each.

In science we learned about the difference between mixtures and solutions, and went through some mixing stations. We learned a mixture is easily separated, while a solution is harder to seperate.

Next week we have a biking skills workshop on Monday and Thursday, we will learn about our local candidates and take part in the student vote, start our place value work in math, and finish up our science unit with a test.

Have a good weekend and see you Monday.

Oct 102020


We had another fun week this week learning about different types of governments. On Wednesday we tried direct democracy, and it wasted a lot of time. On Thursday we tried dictatorship, and we were very productive, but it was not a fun experience. On Friday we tried two types of oligarchs, one with people born in April and June as leaders, and one with the richest (most points) students. They enjoyed making rules, they weren’t fans following the rules.

In language arts we worked on our grammar: adjectives, nouns, verbs, synonyms, and adverbs. We played a couple of mad libs games, and created acrostic poems using adjective descriptors.

In math we learned about variables, mystery numbers, and how to write word problems. Example: 15-x=6. Tommy had 15 apples, he gave some away, now he has 6 total. How many did he give away?

In science we learned above how matter changes between its forms, eother by adding heat or taking it away. We performed a couple of experiments to showcase condensation and evaporation.

In social studies we have started learning about how Canada runs it’s election. We discussed riding, candidates, how we elect MPs or MLAs, and how the most candidates nominated will form a government. We also discussed the political spectrum, and took a little ‘where do you stand’ survey. It is always interesting to see where they stand on some issues, and how much they actually understand about certain topics.

We had a quick lesson on masculine and feminine french differences, as well as plurals.

Next week we are going to review our pattern work for the unit test in math. We will start our horror story novel studies (goosebumps), and work more on grammar in language arts. We will learn about mixtures and solutions in science, with some station work. And in social studies we will learn about the political parties of our riding.

Enjoy your long weekend, and see you Tuesday.

Oct 022020


We had our first real math lesson this week, on patterns and pattern rules. We went over examples such as 2, 5, 8, 11, ? and 5, 3, 8, 5, 10, trying to figure out the pattern and what comes next. We also worked on creating tables for our patterns, so if 6 fireworks went off every 10 seconds, how long until 42 fireworks have gone off. It started slow, but after 3 days they got the hang of it, and did well with their quiz.

We learned a lot about Orange shirt day on Tuesday, discussing how the residential school system attempted to erase the identity of the First Nations People’s. We then created our own orange shirts, reflecting our own personal identity. They are in display outside outdoor.

In social studies we started our look into the government system of Canada, starting with the different levels of government: federal, provincial, and municipal. We learned that each has its own duties and responsibilities, as well as leaders. We made symbol maps to represent each level.

In science we started looking into the phases of matter, reviewing the 3 states of matter from earlier years (solid, liquid, and gas), and learning a little bit about plasma. We learned that these states of matter can change, depending on increased or decreased energy/heat. We performed a small experiment with it by making popcicles for Friday.

All of our Picasso self portraits are complete and in our hallway. I have made it into a Guess Who game for the other classrooms, where they are clues for each student, and they have to figure out who.

Next week we will look at the different types of government, with some special specific types of gov days (dictatorship day is my fav), look at the specific ways matter phases between states (condensation, melting, deposition), learn about french masculine and feminine words, work on our grammar (adjectives, nouns, verbs), use variables to solve math equations (x+7=9), and work more of our personal identity.

Big reminder: picture day is Monday!

Have a good weekend, and see you Monday.