Nov 282020


Hope everyone has a good weekend. We started off our last units before the break this week.

In math we worked on some multiplication strategies. We learned about skip counting, breaking up difficult numbers into easier numbers to multiply, and the relationship between multiplication and division. My favourite is to break up a number, so if you were multiplying 14×7, you break 14 up I to 10 and 4, and multiply each by 7, then add them.

In language arts we started our look at creative writing and the 6 traits of writing. We also finished typing up our good copies.

In social studies we started our resource work. We learned about renewable and nonrenewable resources of BC. So far we have focused on energy resources, and the pros and cons of mining. On Friday we mined for cookies, to think about the environmental impact.

In science we started our simple machines work, learning briefly about each simple machines: lever and fulcrum, inclined plane, wedge, screw, pulley, and wheel and axle. We spent Thursday learning about how the fulcrum’s distance from the load affects how easy it is up lift it.

In French we learned how to count up to 60 in French. We also did a little french math. Next week we will hopefully start french bingo.

In art we started our drawings for the winter concert video that I will be putting together, with the help from our music teacher. So far they look great. We will be colouring them on Monday and Tuesday.

We also got the art cards delivered, so I could hang the original art pieces in the hall.

Next week we will look at forestry and fish farms in BC, experiment with inclined planes, wedges, and screws in science, work more on breaking up numbers for multiplication, and practice adding descriptive details to our writing.

Have a good weekend, stay safe, and see you Monday.

Nov 222020


A short one this week, with Thursday being a half day, and Friday Pro-D, yet we managed to get a lot done!

We finished up and shared our brochures about the Canadian regions. They look pretty impressive, filled with lots of good information. Although it seems that while students were sharing information about their region to the class, some students had a challenging time listening, as there were many quiz rewrites just after.

We completed our math whole numbers unit with a review and a test. Most students did very well with their estimation, place value, and addition/subtraction. No perfect marks, but over a quarter of the class came within 3-4 marks!

We wrapped up our small energy unit on Thursday, with a game of Input/Output energy, an energy scavenger hunt around the school, and a quiz. Most students did very well with the unit, only some minor confusion about what really is inputting energy into an object, and what its output it.

In language arts we wrote our story synopsis from our Goosebumps novel study, as well as started typing up good copies of our past paragraphs. We should be done early next week.

We also practiced out ABC’s in French. We even tested ourselves with singing the ABC song, though the quicker we went, the harder it was not to start singing in English.

Next week we will be starting our new units: resources, simple machines, multiplication, and creative writing. We will also practice using numbers in French, and possibly start a new art project.

Big reminder: Monday is the book fair, if your child is planning on buying a good, that is the only day to buy in person. All other sales must be online.

Have a good weekend, and see you Monday.

Nov 142020


Looks like I got almost all of the parent teacher request forms back. Early next week I will be sending out information to those parents who requested a time to talk.

We completed a proof reading quiz on Thursday, to see how well we can find mistakes in writing. Most did pretty well. We will be proof reading our own writing next week, and typing up good copies. We also worked on a paragraph about Remembrance Day.

Speak of Remembrance Day, our readers theatre for the assembly went well. We had 10 students perform a small readers theatre or read part of a poem to th school.

We also finished off our Remembrance Day poppies and display board. As well as finish our wreath.

In math we looked at subtraction. It took some practice, but most students got the idea about how in 385-268, 5-8 doesn’t work, and the 5 will need to borrow from the next number, ect. A couple of students are still struggling with the concept of borrowing, and we will be reviewing all of our whole number work for the final test on Wednesday.

In science we performed some fine experiments with energy. We learned a little about charged electrons and static electricity, with a balloon and hair. We learned a little about potential and gravitational energy transfer, with bouncing some balls. And we learned about heat and pressure expansion of gas causing an explosive reaction, with coke and mentos. We tried to see if different coloured waters could collect heat at different rates, but because it asked for the sun, and I used a lamp, all the water heater up at the same rate, so that experiment failed.

We will be discussing input and output energy next week,.with a scavenger hunt, and final test.

In social studies we have been researching a specific Canadian region. We are in the process of making a brochure about the region, including what it looks like, how it was created, and what resources, animals, and vegetation it has. Most are looking pretty good. We will be finishing them on Monday.

In French we briefly discussed different pronouns to use when talking about people. So he, tu, il, vous, ect. We will review it again on Monday with a game.

Next week is a short one, with Thursday being a half day, and Friday no school. We will be typing up good copies of our writing, finishing off our regions unit, energy unit, and whole numbers unit. We will also be completing a couple of self assessment on the first term.

Have a good weekend, and see you Monday.

Nov 072020


Sounds like everyone had a fun and safe Halloween weekend. No candy tax was collected, so seems like everyone is enjoying their chocolate in moderation.

We wrote about our Halloween weekend on Monday and Tuesday, practicing our paragraph format. We also started practicing our readers theatre scripts for the Remembrance Day assembly. There were lots of keen readers in our class. We will practice Monday and Tuesday morning.

We worked a lot of rounding and addition this week in math. Most seem to have their addition facts down, adding the ones place value first, then the tens place value, as well as carrying the 1 to the next place value. Some though will need more practice with estimating and rounding, as they are still rounding to the wrong place value. Instead of rounding 3847 to 4000, an easy number to work with, some are rounding to 3850. Technically still a rounding number, but not the optimal choice. We will continue it next week with subtraction.

In social studies we started our regions unit, with some internet research. Groups of 3 had to research a Canadian region and write notes about it. On Friday each group split up and combined with other regions to report and share notes. We will eventually practicing out googling skills and creating brochures about each region.

In science we started our energy unit. We learned that there are two types of energies: potential and kinetic. After, we learned that within these 2 types of energies, there are many forms, including: light, sound, gravity, heat, chemical, mechanical, ect. Next week we will perform some experiments with these different types of energies.

I have sent home our first portfolio package. Inside is a unit we have worked on so far, in each subject: chemistry, government, patterns, and grammar. Go over it with your child. I have also attached a parent teacher interviews form to the folder. Please fill out the form and return it, with the coloured folder, next week.

Have a good weekend, and see you Monday.