Dec 192020


We did it, we made it to winter break!

We took it easy this week with some math games, french bingo, french colour by number, a couple of read and respond activities, and some fun art activities.

We learned to make 3D snowflakes, hope you enjoy them at home. We also learned to make simple cartoon animations.

On Friday we celebrated by making ice cream in a bag, and having it on some waffles and pancakes. They were delicious.

We also watched the Lorax, to finish off our natural resource unit.

In January we will be reviewing multiplication and learning two division strategies. We will work on some creative story writing. We will finish up simple machines and build a Rube Goldberg machine. We will learn about french preferences. And in social studies we will discuss facts, opinions, propaganda, and proper researching techniques.

Have a good winter break, be safe, and see you in 2 weeks.

Dec 122020


We have had a busy week, finishing up all of our work before the winter break.

In math we worked on double digit multiplication. We use the box method strategy to seperate our numbers into place values, and multiplying them individually, then adding the answers up after. It helps break down larger numbers. Some students still need more work on it, so they will continue reviewing it with me next week.

In language arts we practiced writing from other’s points of view. We completed some RAFTS activities, where students wrote as another Role. It could be as another person, or an object. They had to write to their Audience, using a specific Format. It had to be about a Topic, and have a Specific purpose. Examples include: Frosty singing a song to polluters about global warming, The Grinch writing a letter to Santa about being in the naughty list, the Rock texting Justin that John Cena is better than him, or the students desk writing an email to the student about their behaviour.

We finished off our resource unit, by writing an essay, making booklets for our projects, and completing the test. Most students did well with their test, and the booklets look great!

In science we learned about pulleys and wheels. We practiced using some pulleys to lift a weight above our heads. We also made some pulleys, though they were rushed and didn’t turn out too well. With our wheels, we spent all week making wind cars out of cardboard and bottles. They turned out great! Most students learned that their wheels need to be round, straight, and their axles need to have less friction. They also learned their sail needs to be properly secured.

We will continue our simple machines unit after the break.

Next week we will be reviewing math with games, learning about french colours, trying to make paper, learning to make 3D snowflakes, and working a little bit more on our descriptive writing. It’ll be a pretty fun week.

Be on the lookout for our school music video, I will be making it this weekend, and you should have it by Monday. Have a good weekend!

Dec 052020


We were pretty busy this week, working hard on completing some projects, getting reading for the winter break.

In language arts we worked on adding details and using descriptive words to our writing. The students were shown pictures of food, and had to write about it using their senses. We wrote about crispy greasy bacon, warm and soft chocolate chip cookies, cold and depressing milk, and crunchy and sweet cereal. Next week we will be writing from other’s points of views.

In math we worked on double digit multiplication, with numbers ending in 0. So 20×70, or 400×60. We moved the 0s over to the answer, and multiplied the numbers left over. Most did very well on the quiz on Friday. Next week we will be finishing up multiplication by looking at double digit multiplication of harder numbers, so 37×72. We will be using the box method to work through our problem.

On science we experimented with inclined planes, wedges, and screws. We learned that an inclined plane requires less force to pull an object up to a certain higher, that just lifting the object. We also learned that the force needed to lift an object is determined by the level of steepness an inclined plane is; so a steeper inclined plane needs more force. With our wedges, we learned that having a sharp pointed end really does help cut things better, than a rounded end. With our screws, we learned that the threads on the screw hold and secure objects together. Try as hard as they could, the students could not pry the screws out of the wood, like they could with the nails. Next week we will learn about pulleys and wheels.

I’m social studies we learned about the positives and negatives of both the forestry industry and the aquaculture industry. For forestry we discussed clear cutting and deforestation. For fish farming we discussed the effect fish farms have on wild salmon. Most students have finished off their mini projects for each resource, and next week we putting together a booklet of our work.

In art we have been working on our artwork for the winter music concert. Our class was given the ’12 days of Christmas’s, so we drew pictures of ourselves, giving out each gift. The music video should be completed for next weekend. Here is a sneak peak of our class’s part


I have also altered our class schedule for the last two weeks. I have made it so we finish up all our curriculum by next Friday, and have the last week as a review and more fun activities. If families were wanting to self isolate the extra week before Christmas, their child would not be missing anything important from Dec 14 to 18.

Have a good weekend, and see you Monday.