Jan 292021


Another busy week, as we started many of our new units.

In math we learned how to read a clock! We discussed ‘quarter after’, ‘half past’, and ‘quarter after’. We looked at how the numbers represent every 5 minutes, so they could count by 5 to find out the time. We also looked at length of time, and how much time as past from start to finish.

In language arts we continues with our novel study. We are now on chapter 26, almost half way. The kids are trying to find clues which will help them escape the library.

We also started our poetry unit this week. We briefly talked about what poetry is, and some poetic terms, such as alliteration, simile, hyperbole, metaphor, onomatopoeia, and personification. We will be experimenting with these as we.practice different types of poems. Our first poem is an acrostic poem.

In social studies we started our look into Canadian history. Groups of 3 researched one area of Canadian history and came up with 9 important dates related to their topic. The topics include: fur trade, early explorers, BC Confederation, residential schools, war, human rights, and Canadian identity. Next week the dates will be broken up among group members, and they will research more into their event.

In science we started our biome unit. We briefly covered aspects about each of the land biomes: grassland, Savanah, desert, tundra, tiaga forest, deciduous forest, and tropical rainforest. We will be doing a lot of research into a biome, as part of a project. We will also look at adaptations and the food chain.

On Thursday we had an online visitor come to our class. An elder taught us how to use weaving tools, and we made a mini Metis scarf.

Next week we will work on measurement and units in math, try out some more poetry styles, research our first Canadian timeline post, look into animal adaptations, and create a winter mosaic. It will be another busy week.

Have fun and stay safe, see you Monday.


Jan 232021


We were very busy this week, especially Friday, with lots of our projects being completed.

We started our novel study this week. The book is called ‘Escape from Mr. Lemomchello’s Library’. We are already on chapter 15. While reading the story, the students try to find clues about how to escape. We are also practicing using our complete sentences with our answers.

Everyone also finished their Secret Knowledge stories. They are pretty good. I worked with most students on having their story make sense, and helped improve their expressive writing. They are in their Google Drive, if you want to read.

In social studies we started building our research skills. Out task this week was to research a famous explorer. Students only needed to answer 3 questions about their explorer, but they had to get the answers from 2 websites, one with good info, and one with bad. Students had to decipher which website had bad information.

We finished our multiplication and division work, with a unit test on Friday. So far it seems most got it, and some students are just making little mistakes here or there. We will continue to review our multiplication and division strategies with our weekly drills.

In science we completed our Rube Goldberg machines! I have made a video of our projects.

And finally  most finished their French All about me posters. They are on display in the hall.

Next week we start our Canadian timeline, look at biomes in science, learn how to read a clock in math, and start our poetry unit in language arts!

Have a good weekend, and see you Monday.



Jan 162021


In math this week we learned how to use long division. It was tricky at first, but by the end of the week about half the students had it down. Next week we are reviewing our multiplication and division strategies, practicing more long division, for a final unit test.

In language arts we have been working on our creative writing, creating an original story. It goes along with the book The Secret Knowledge of Grownups, about how there are secret reasons to common everyday rules. We spent most of Friday typing up our story, adding details, and making sure it makes sense. Most students are almost done, and will finish it off next week.

In social studies we looked at different forms of propaganda. There are loaded words, bandwagon, celebrity endorsement, fact and opinion, and mudslinging. We watched some commercials to see we could pick up on any of the propaganda techniques being used. By the end they did pretty well and figuring out which, though it would be interesting to see if they can pick up when propaganda is being used without it being mentioned.

In science we discussed complex machines, and started planning to build our own complex machines, a Rube Goldberg machines with the purpose of popping a balloon. Thursday they started assembling their machine, and are working on improving their group work abilities.

In French we worked more on preferences, and things we love, like, dislikes and hate. Next week we will be using this information to make ‘All about me’ french posters.

In art we finished off our Ted Harrison Natural Resource painting.

Next week we will finish up our multiplication and division work, construct our Rube Goldberg machine, use researching strategies to learn more about early explorers, start our novel study booklet, and finish our story writing. Going to be another busy week.

Have a good weekend, stay safe, and see you Monday.


Jan 092021


We are back! Sounds like everyone had a fun holiday break, as many students wished it was still going on.

In math this week we reviewed multiplication, and started learning about division. I focused a lot on the bar method of long division, using multiplication skills to solve the equation. Most students were getting it by Friday. On Friday we briefly went over long division, which we will continue next week.

In science we finished off our simple machines work, with a game, scavenger hunt, and quiz. Everyone did pretty well with the quiz.

I’m social studies we learned the difference between facts and opinions. This will help us later on with our research of Canadian history. They are pretty good at distinguishing the difference between F and O, though still need work on writing facts.

In language arts we have been working on a creative writing project. We have been coming up with unique secret reasons why certain rules exist. We will eventually create a classroom book of all of our secret knowledge. This week we wrote one story, and created 3 different ideas.

We started discussing french preferences on Monday, and created a survey. At dents went around the room asking Est-ce que tu aime le… With a topic. Student had to answer with j’adore, j’aime, je n’aime pas, or je deteste.

In art we started our Ted Harrison landscapes. We created some rough copies, which we will redo with paint next week.

I have also decided to start handing out some spelling homework, for those students needing extra supports. Right now it is for students who are making lots of mistakes with their spelling quiz. If you would like a copy, let me know and I can send one home.

Next week we will focus more on long division with math, write more secret rules in language arts, learn about mixing facts and opinions to make propaganda in socials, start experimenting with Rube Goldberg machines in science, and start creating an ‘All about me’ in French.

Have a good weekend, and see you Monday.