Feb 272021


Wow we worked hard this week, with almost everyone finally caught up! Next week will be another hard one, as we finish off some projects.

With our novel study we have finish typing up our synopsis of the book, as well as draw the 6 main events of the story, and designed our fantasy library. wlWe also created our own rebus puzzles! They turned out great! We have to finish off our character cards and design a front page, then we are done.

In poetry we learned about haiku poems and couplets. With our haiku, we have the syllables down, though still need to practice using powerful words, and not use ‘good’. Our couplet poems so far have been pretty fun, as the students like rhyming.

In math we started our money unit, first by finding out how much our names are worth in a puzzle. We then were given a menu with food prices, and stent the week adding and subtracting the values.

We finished off our timeline posts about Canada, and will go over them next week. We did a bonus timeline about more fun things about Canadian history. We will also be playing the came ‘Timeline’ with our dates.

In science we started our biome boardgame project. Groups will be making a board game based off a specific biome. Their game will resemble what the biome looks like. It will also include fact cards about their biome. We have completed about 1/3rd of the facts this week. Next week we should finish up the facts.

In French we learned about Le Carnival De Quebec, the largest winter festival in the world. We took notes on all of the attractions and events, and will be making a brochure about it next week.

With Wednesday being pink shirt day, our class designed some pink shirts with positive messages. They are in our hallway for now, and will be places on our window next week.

Next week we will be using grocery flyers to create budgets and meal plans for math, finish off our poetry with limericks and break line poems, finish our novel study booklet, go over our Canadian timeline as a class, and finish research our biome in science. Will be another busy week.

Have a good weekend and stay safe.

Feb 202021


We had a wild week, with the snow and long weekend. Tuesday was a little rough, but we managed to straighten out and have a pretty productive week.

In language arts we finished off our simile rainbow poems, and started our ‘I am’ poems. They are poems about comparing ourselves to other things or animals, such as ‘I am as fast as a rabbit running away from a hunter’, or ‘I am as strong as a brick wall’. Most students were close to finishing on Friday, though some need reminders about good copy printing…

We finished off our measurement unit in math, with measuring things around the room, designing a layout for a playground using perimeter and area, and completing our test. Most did well, though some showed a little confusion with either converting units, perimeter is adding up the side lengths, or area is multiplying length by width sides.

In socials we started our third timeline post about Canada. We will finish it off next week, and do our fourth bonus post.

In science we labelled a map of the works with all of the biomes, and drew pictures of each of the biomes. We also used a Venn diagram to compare and contrast 2 biomes.

We also finished off our novel study book! We found who escaped the library first, and who was eliminated. These next few weeks we will be completing parts of our project, including a synopsis, rebus, event pictures, character descriptions, and blueprint of our own dream library.

Next week we will be starting our unit on money in math, practice some haiku and couplet poems, learn about our biome boardgame project, and learning about the Quebec Carnival.

It is also pink shirt day on Wednesday!

Have a good weekend, and we you Monday.

Feb 122021


Our class continued its conversation about appropriate vs inappropriate behaviour during specific school activities this week. We made a pretty good list about what type of behaviour works, and what doesn’t work.

In math we learned about perimeter of shapes, area of rectangles, and a strategy to help find a rectangle with a specific perimeters and area. The strategy is to cut the perimeter in half, and find pairs that add up to the half. Then find a pair that multiplies to make the area.

In language arts we worked on similes by creating a rainbow poem. Students are still working on them, but they are using senses of objects to describe colours. An example is red tastes like hot sauce, blue sounds like the oceans waves, or green smells like freshly cut grass.

In science we learned about the food chain. We discussed producers, consumers, and decomposers, how they are related, live off each other, and survive in their biome. We played a matching game on Thursday, making different food chains.

In socials we researched our second timeline post. The students were a lot quicker with accessing and deciding which information they needed for their paragraph. We also watched some Canadian Heritage minutes about some of our posts.

We are almost finished our novel study, and the students were very excited trying to decode the puzzle. I needed to give a couple of hints near the end, but most got it. We will finish up next week, and start out work booklet for it.

Our class learned about Lunar New year’s today, as tomorrow is the start of the year of the ox. We learned about a legend of how Lunar New year’s started and what the 12 Chinese zodiac animals are. We also wrote about which animal we would want to represent us, and how we relate to our animal.

Next week we will be our quiz on measurement in math, we will work on some metaphor comparisons in poetry, complete our third timeline post, and draw different biomes around the world.

Have a good long weekend, stay safe, and see you Tuesday.



Feb 052021


Our class has started a chess tournament this week. They got the moves down, though it seems that some are still learning the idea about how to actually win. We also had some discussions about appropriate vs inappropriate behaviour for specific activities, which we will cover more next week.

In socials we worked hard this week on our first timeline post. Each student wrote a paragraph about a specific moment in Canadian history, discussing why it happened, some positives things, and some negative consequences of the event. We have 2 more to do within the next couple of weeks.

In math we learned about different units of measurement, so mm, cm, and m. We practiced converting the units, though some students still need more practice with it. We also worked on perimeter of rectangles. They were very good at figuring out how to get perimeter, and how to draw a shape with specific perimeters.

In science we learned about different animal adaptations. We discussed three types of adaptations: structural, behavioural, and physiological. I always like sharing how polar bears have black skin, yet their adaptation helps them hunt in the north.

In language arts we worked on two types of poems: acrostic and cinquain poems. We are still working on using descriptive words with our poems, though got better at using alliteration.

In art we created a winter mosaic scene. The students were not really fans of effort involved in placing their colours so close together. They turned out great!

Next week we will look at area of rectangles in math, similes and metaphors in poetry, the food chain in science, and more Canadian history in social studies. Next Thursday will be a Valentine card exchange (no candy allowed, student names coming Monday), as well as a look into lunar new year.

Have a good weekend, and see you Monday.