Mar 132021

We did it, we made it to spring break! We were very busy this week finishing up our projects, but managed to on Thursday, to have games on Friday!

Our poetry books are typed up and completed. They look great, and will be sent home after spring break.

We looked at cause and effect for events in canadian history: fur trade, Confederation, railways, and residential schools. Students had a half page of information which they could get answers from, and had do write what happened, why it happened, and what were some effects of the event.

In math we played the Price is Right! Students started with $1,000. When an item came up, they had to estimate the price. Then they calculated the difference from the actual price. Then took their difference and subtracted it from their total money. It was a fun way to set up a running budget. By the end of the game only 4 students still had money in the positive.

We finished our biome boardgames in science! They look pretty cool, and will make some fun entertainment for spring break for myself.

On Wednesday we joined our cohort class for some bannock, hot chocolate, and yogurts with berries. Mrs. MacDonald made the bannock, which was delicious. We also read our poetry booklets to the other class.

Enjoy your next 2 weeks off, be safe, and have fun!

Mar 062021


Next week is our last week, as well as Literacy week. A reading bingo sheet went home today for some fun activities.

We finished off our Canadian timeline by reading and sharing our timeline posts. The posts are now on our fall wall, stretching across the wall, and part onto another wal.

We are typing up our poems this week and on Monday. We worked on limericks and line break poems using onamonopoia this week as well. We also finished off our novel study booklets.

This week in math we worked on grocery budgets. Students had to plan a day’s worth of meals for $50. They were given grocery fliers, and had to make sure their meals were balanced.

We finished typing up our biome cards in science. I will be proofreading them this weekend, to see if students need to make corrections next week or not. A couple of groups have event staet d drawing their gameboard.

Next week is Lit week, with funky socks on Monday, and dress as a character on Friday. We will also be doing a group lunch with hot chocolate and bannock no Wednesday.

It should be a fun last week before Spring break. Have fun and stay safe. see you sadtely