Apr 242021


Another short week down. It was nice to see so many funky hats and hair styles on Thursday.

We are over half way through book 2 of our novel study this week. Each book is getting more exciting.

We learned how to turn fractions into decimals this week in math. First we had to make sure the fraction’s denominator is /10 or /100, then it was easy to put them into decimals. Most students did very well we the their quiz. Only a couple students still had trouble with the equivalent fractions conversation.

We finish off our personal PowerPoint presentations this week. We will be presenting them in front of the class next week.

In science we learned about the skeletal system, muscular system, and urinary system. It was a lot to take in. We made some robot hands to demonstrate how our hands work!

We also started coding this week, though some students were not a fan of our warm up activity. Students had to write me a code for making a jam sandwich, though it needed to be very detailed. I believe most students tried about 10-15 times, and the furthest we got was a bit bagel and an open jam jar.

Next week we will be doing actual coding using a computer. We are also learning more about decimal place values, finishing book 2, and learning about the nervous system.

Have a safe weekend, and see you Monday!

Apr 172021


It was nice to finally see some warm weather this week. Means more outdoor learning!

We finished book 1 of our novel study this week, and discussed the characters, events, and made a prediction about the next book. We discussed as a class to get a feel of what each student’s needs to talk about, so that next time they can discuss their book in a lit circle.

We are continuing to work on our personal PowerPoint presentations this week. Next week we should finish them, and I will go over how each student can’t only just copy paragraphs from Google and paste them in, that they need to be edited and put into their own words.

In science we learned about the respiratory system and the circulatory system. As both these systems work together to give oxygen to the body. We performed an experiment on Friday where we had to measure our own pulse after different types of activities.

In math we are learning about comparing fractions, first on a number line, and then with equivalent pairs. Though after working on it for a week, some students decided to get a little lazy with their quiz, and not follow my strategy. So we will be doing a retest on Tuesday.

In Art we worked on two projects. First was a pointillism piece, for the PAC’s art card fundraiser. Those finished in time were also able to create some Jackson Pollock marble paintings.

Next week we will look at turning fractions into decimals, learn about the skeletal and muscular systems, start our second book, and start some coding.

Have a good long weekend, and see you Tuesday.


Apr 092021


Hope everyone had a good long weekend last week. And hopefully the Sun comes out a little more for next week.

We learned about fractions on a number line, and fractions as part of a set this week, with a quiz on Friday. Most did very well on it.

We are almost done our first of three novel study booklets, with 2 more parts next week. We will be setting up a book club like meeting to discuss each book.

In science we learned about the digestive system. We watched a couple of videos, labelled a diagram, and performed an experiment. The experiment mimicked what happens when you eat. Almost had some students lose their lunch performing it.

In socials we learned how to make a Google slides presentation. Each student is now making their own personal one, about a topic they are interested in.

Our class is doing art cards again through the PAC. We are working on pointillism style paintings. So far they look great! They should be coming home in a couple of weeks.

Next week’s parent teacher meetings are on Thursday (change of date). Almost heard back from everyone. I will be sending info home on Monday about times.

Have a good weekend and stay safe!

Apr 012021


Hope everyone got their work folders this week. The work inside should be from end of January until March. There is also a slip to let me know if you want a parent teacher meeting.

I was planning a whole lot of review this week, but decided to power through, give us some extra time at the end of the year of we need.

In Math we started our fractions work, looking at the bottom denominators as total amount of pieced, and the top numerator as pieces we are focused on. We did a scavenger hunt for fractions on Thursday around the school.

We started a new novel study today. Students got to pick one of three books to read: Island, Everest, or Dive. They will be reading them, and having a small lit circle after each. The books are divided into 3 parts to make it more manageable.

We finished off our biome unit on Monday with a review and quiz, and started our next science unit: the human body. We learned that there are 4 levels to the house man body: cells -> tissue -> organs -> organ system. We will be learning about 7 different organ systems and be working on an inquiry project this this unit.

We also worked on some origami this week, making a couple as a class, and working on individual ones. The jumping frog was very popular.

Have a safe long weekend and see you Tuesday.