Apr 242021


Another short week down. It was nice to see so many funky hats and hair styles on Thursday.

We are over half way through book 2 of our novel study this week. Each book is getting more exciting.

We learned how to turn fractions into decimals this week in math. First we had to make sure the fraction’s denominator is /10 or /100, then it was easy to put them into decimals. Most students did very well we the their quiz. Only a couple students still had trouble with the equivalent fractions conversation.

We finish off our personal PowerPoint presentations this week. We will be presenting them in front of the class next week.

In science we learned about the skeletal system, muscular system, and urinary system. It was a lot to take in. We made some robot hands to demonstrate how our hands work!

We also started coding this week, though some students were not a fan of our warm up activity. Students had to write me a code for making a jam sandwich, though it needed to be very detailed. I believe most students tried about 10-15 times, and the furthest we got was a bit bagel and an open jam jar.

Next week we will be doing actual coding using a computer. We are also learning more about decimal place values, finishing book 2, and learning about the nervous system.

Have a safe weekend, and see you Monday!

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