May 282021


Hope everyone had a nice long weekend. We finished off a couple of projects, and started some new ones.

In math we learned about different types of quadrilaterals and the rules for each: parallelogram, trapezoid, rectangle, rhombus, and square. We also learned about different types of lines: parallel, perpendicular, and intersecting. With our knowledge we started practicing 1 point perspective landscapes. It is a challenging art lesson, which hopefully next week we will get down.

We learned more about the rock cycle in science this week by making the three types of rocks (sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous) out of starbursts. Igneous was the most challenging to make, because we don’t have a hot enough source. So they took overnight to melt and reform.

In social studies we finished off and presented our country PowerPoints to the class. They were all well done and informative, and everyone presented their project very well.

We finished our novel study booklets!

We also started building ideas for our own picture/comic book. Next week we will start writing out the general storyline.

Have a good weekend, stay safe, and see you Monday .

May 222021


We finished off our string art this week, they turned out pretty good.

Art cards also went home this week. We did pointillism portraits for the project. The PAC’s fundraiser ends soon, so of you want your orders, get them quick.

We finished off fractions and decimals this week with a unit test. They did very well with it. We will start geometry and shapes next week.

We started looking at the rock cycle on Wednesday, learning about igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. We discussed some of their properties, and how each rock is formed.

Most students are finishing up their country projects, we will be presenting them on Wednesday and Friday.

In language arts we investigated comic books and graphic novels, looking at unique traits and aspects about how comics work. Next week students will start story mapping their ideas, to make either a kids picture book or a comic book.

Have a good long weekend, and see you Tuesday.

May 172021


A little late with this one, hope everyone had a nice weekend.

In math we worked on subtracting decimals. Most did very well with it, finally getting that ‘borrowing’ strategy down. This week we will be reviewing fractions and decimals for a final test on Friday.

We finished off our final book of our novel study, and had a pretty good lit circle discussion about the series on Thursday with our groups. We will be writing a synopsis about it on Monday.

We started our picture book/comic unit. Students will eventually be creating their own picture book/comic. We looked at a bunch of picture books last week, and this week we will look at comic book features.

In science we finished off and presented out power points to the class about our inquiry project. They were all very interesting and well done. They worked in partners, so if you would like to see your child’s presentation, let me know and I will make a copy for you.

We spent most of this week working on our nail/string art. We designed and nailed a board last week. This week we will string it. Some of the designs look pretty cool!

Hopefully this week we will finish off our country projects.

May 082021


We went hard on science this week, in preparation for our test on Friday. We created paper cut out bodies for each organ system, then reviewed all of our notes to create a human body job list, then practices spelling really difficult human body organ names, and finally played human body jeopardy. Here are the cutouts.

We have also almost completed our human body inquiry PowerPoint projects. They are looking pretty good.

In math we worked on adding decimals, and did very well on our quiz on Thursday. Most seem to have their addition strategies down, as well as knowing when to add 0s to fill in place values.

In social studies we have started our project on comparing another country with Canada. Students researched a specific country, finding what their government is like, aspects about their currency, their culture, their physical geography, ect. Using their information they have started making another power point presentation to show off their country.

Next week we are creating nail/string art pieces, so if you are able to bring a hammer in, it would be appreciated. We will be finishing our novel study reading and having a discussion about the series in groups. In math we are practicing subtraction using decimals. We are also going to start looking at children’s books and comics in preparation of creating our own.

Have a good weekend, stay safe, and see you Monday.

May 022021


We have started our coding work this week using the computers. They have their log in info in their Google Drive, if they want to work on it while at home.

We worked on decimal place values this week, and most Derek to have a good grasps of the tenths, hundredths, and thousandths place. Ordering numbers can still be a little tricky, so next week when we learn to add decimals, they will be practicing proper place value and lining up the numbers.

We finished book 2 of our novel study, and on Friday had small group discussions about the reading. We will hopefully start book 3 next week.

We looked at the nervous system in science on Wednesday, and on Thursday students started working on an inquiry project about the human body. They are researching a question they have about the human body, and will be making a PowerPoint presentation on it.

Their PowerPoints this week went well. Some students were pretty timid presenting in front of the class, but we got through everyone, and it was a great first step. We will be making a new PowerPoint about a country in social studies in the next couple of weeks.

I will be posting updates next week each day about what we covered in class, as I feel attendance might be an issue.

Stay safe and have a good weekend.