May 172021


A little late with this one, hope everyone had a nice weekend.

In math we worked on subtracting decimals. Most did very well with it, finally getting that ‘borrowing’ strategy down. This week we will be reviewing fractions and decimals for a final test on Friday.

We finished off our final book of our novel study, and had a pretty good lit circle discussion about the series on Thursday with our groups. We will be writing a synopsis about it on Monday.

We started our picture book/comic unit. Students will eventually be creating their own picture book/comic. We looked at a bunch of picture books last week, and this week we will look at comic book features.

In science we finished off and presented out power points to the class about our inquiry project. They were all very interesting and well done. They worked in partners, so if you would like to see your child’s presentation, let me know and I will make a copy for you.

We spent most of this week working on our nail/string art. We designed and nailed a board last week. This week we will string it. Some of the designs look pretty cool!

Hopefully this week we will finish off our country projects.

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