May 282021


Hope everyone had a nice long weekend. We finished off a couple of projects, and started some new ones.

In math we learned about different types of quadrilaterals and the rules for each: parallelogram, trapezoid, rectangle, rhombus, and square. We also learned about different types of lines: parallel, perpendicular, and intersecting. With our knowledge we started practicing 1 point perspective landscapes. It is a challenging art lesson, which hopefully next week we will get down.

We learned more about the rock cycle in science this week by making the three types of rocks (sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous) out of starbursts. Igneous was the most challenging to make, because we don’t have a hot enough source. So they took overnight to melt and reform.

In social studies we finished off and presented our country PowerPoints to the class. They were all well done and informative, and everyone presented their project very well.

We finished our novel study booklets!

We also started building ideas for our own picture/comic book. Next week we will start writing out the general storyline.

Have a good weekend, stay safe, and see you Monday .

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