Jun 052021


We have had a pretty good week, though you can tell with the heat that students are ready for summer. We had to reinforce and go over the rules a couple of times this week.

In math we started looking at 3D objects. We discussed prisms vs pyramids, and looked at the different attributes of each shape: so how many faces, edges, and vertices they have. My trick is to find the 2D shape first, count the sides and add 1 for the bottom and 1 for the top (if there is one) to find the faces, multiply the sides of the 2D shape by 3 (or 2 for a pyramid) for edges, and multiply the sides of the 2D shape by 2 (or just count the side and add 1 for pyramid) for the vertices. Example: Cube uses a square 2D shape, 4 sides to a square plus 1 front and 1 back makes 6 faces, 4 sides multiply by 3 is 12 edges, and 4 corners multiply by 2 is 8 vertices. We also spent a lot of time building paper 3D shapes.

For language arts we worked on a rough copy of our story. Some of these stories are pretty entraining. A couple of students have started creating their storyboard to help organise their book. Each rough draft is on their Google classroom.

In science we learned about the moon! There were a lot of questions about the moon, Earth, and space in general. We learned about the phases of the moon, and how it affects the tides. We even created a flexogram to help us remember.

We spent all week working on a group project in social studies. Each group had to work together to discuss and create a unique country. They needed to decide the landscape, climate, natural resources, history, culture, government, economy, and any basic information. It was a good test at how well students work in groups.

We also worked on some team building exercises and games, such as the tallest straw tower (1.78m), relay bean bag island hopping race, and the tallest newspaper tower (mine 3m, students 1.6m). We will be continuing the team building activities for the rest of the month.

In art we worked on 1st point perspective drawings. It was tricky at first, but they got it near the end.

Ruth King also took part in Bike to School week, which went pretty well. Though biking all 5 days was really tiring for me…

Next week our bowling permission forms need to be handed in. Our class is also looking for a parent volunteer to walk with us from 930 to Eagle Ridge, and help supervise until 12 when the other class joins us. If you are interested send me an email.

Have a good weekend, and see you Monday.



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