Sep 262020


It is great so far how well our class has been doing with getting our forms in, keep up the good work!

In language art this week we worked on how to write a paragraph: starting with a topic sentence, adding 3-5 idea sentences, and ending with a closing sentence. By the end of the week we had written a paragraph about Terry Fox. They are on display in our hallway.

We spent some time on Thursday doing a big math review, and on Friday completed the beginning grade math assessment. This will give me a little insight in where we will be focusing on for the next 2-3 months.

We spent all week completing a map of Canada, by labelling the provinces and capital cities. P.E.I. continues to be tricky to find using a map, but we managed.

For science we went through the scientific method with an experiment. We had to make a hypothesis about which mixture (baking soda, soap, hot sauce, lemon juice, or Windex) would work best to clean dirty pennies. We went through each step, and discovered lemon juice was the best, with hot sauce a close second.

We learned how to say hello, how are you, and give an answer in French. So you can try to test them this weekend with a ‘Comment ca va?’ and see if they remember.

In art we worked on Picasso self portraits. They will be on display next week, with a fun guess who game to go along with them.

The Terry Fox run was a lot of fun, some students really pushed themselves during the run.

Next week we are going to start looking at government in social studies, as the Provincial election was called, so we will be following along with that. We will start our pattern unit in math, as well as our phases of matter unit in science. Wednesday is Orange shirt day, and we will be learning about it on Tuesday.

Have a good long weekend, and see you Tuesday.

Sep 182020


We had a great first week settling back into the classroom. By Friday we had most of our routines down, the only thing we need to keep working on is keeping our hands to ourselves.

In math this week we practiced our addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills through a couple of card and dice games.

In language arts this week we worked on a lot of proofreading. We were using highlighters to find mistakes in written sentences and paragraphs. We also worked on a summer writing project. We first used a word web to collect and organized our ideas. I stressed the importance of knowning the ‘who, what, where, why, when, and how’ of each event that happened in the summer. After we wrote an essay about our summer, breaking our events into paragraph sections. They seemed to do a pretty good job at separating their writing into paragraph sections.

In social studies we started our Canadian geography unit, with students trying to draw a map of Canada from memory. It was interesting to see what kinds of shapes they thought Canada looked like. We also did a word search and a word scramble on the Canadian provinces and capital cities.

In science we played ‘What’s in the box?’ where students had to feel an object in a box, and use their descriptive words to find clues and figure out what the object was. They did very well, making me think I need more difficult items for next time. We also briefly covered that the scientific method is, and why it is important.

On Thursday I got everyone signed up to their Google learns account on the computers.we briefly looked at Google Drive, Google Docs, and our Google Classroom. I will be having them put their Google account information into their agendas next week. We also played some scattegories, were students had to answer specific question with only using the letter N.

In art we worked on our name tags, popcicle stick, and puzzle piece. I will update the blog Monday with a picture of our class puzzle.

Next week we will review more math skills and complete a grade level assessment, to see where they are with their math. We will see labelling and colouring a map of Canada. We will be using the scientific method to experiment on how to best clean dirty pennies. We will start French and learn how to say hello and how are you. In language arts we will look at how to write a proper paragraph, and write one about Terry Fox.

A package of papers went home today, try your best to update and complete them, to send them back next week.

Have a good weekend, and see you Monday.

Sep 042020


Welcome to our classroom website. Here you will find information about what we have been learning about each week, as well as some brief information about what is to come for the next week. I usually update the website on Friday evening or Saturday.

I know this year will be a little different, but I will be trying my best to make it as normal as possible, with a lot of learning and fun.


Our only class time this week will be on Thursday morning. Where students with the last name starting with A – K will come from 8:30-10am, and students with their last name starting with L – Z will come from 10:30-12. This short period will give the students a chance to learn what some of the safety procedures will be while in school.

Next week we will be learning some math games, writing about our summer, and possibly looking into the scientific method and Canadian provinces.

Here is to having a fun and safe year of learning. If you have any questions, feel free to email me anytime.