Sep 172021


We finished our first week! We are slowly getting back into the hang of things, remembering our routines and appropriate classroom behaviour. It’ll take the month, but I feel we will end up with a great class!

This week we jumped right into it with certain subjects. In language arts we worked on a word web about our summer, and wrote a large paragraph using our ideas.

In science we started learning about the scientific method and performed an experiment. We wanted to see which would dissolve a skittle fastest, using cold or warm water. Warm water ended up dissolving it in 20 minutes. The cold water didn’t fully finish by the end. We also practiced our describing skills by playing “What’s in the box” game, working on using our sense of touch to describe an object.

In social studies we started our Canada provinces unit by completing some word searches, as well as try to draw Canada from memory. They did pretty well with it.

In math we played a couple of math games, went through a huge review, and of Friday took our “beginning year” assessment package. It’ll give me a good idea on what to focus on this year.

We also worked on our classroom puzzle piece in art! They look great!

Next week we will start researching individual provinces in  social studies, perform an experiment with rusty pennies in science, start looking at patterns in math, learn about paragraphs and write about Terry Fox in language arts, and create some Picasso self portraits for art.

Early next week I will be emailing about forms and online permissions to be completed, so try to get those in Monday. Our class is also doing agendas. They can be purchased using the cash online program. If you are having difficulty with it, you can email me.

Have a good weekend and see you Monday.

Sep 042020


Welcome to our classroom website. Here you will find information about what we have been learning about each week, as well as some brief information about what is to come for the next week. I usually update the website on Friday evening or Saturday.

Next week we will be learning some math games, writing about our summer, and possibly looking into the scientific method and Canadian provinces.

Here is to having a fun and safe year of learning. If you have any questions, feel free to email me anytime.

Apr 072020


The hardest part about online learning will be how to start. I have created some picture instructions to help us login to the websites we will be using. Remember, if you have difficulty logging in, message me and I can help.

Getting your login information

Joining Google Classroom


Joining Khan Academy

The information for this website is stored in the USA. I have created accounts using initials only, so that would be the only information they collect. You do not need to give the website any extra information. If you are choosing not to join, you will still be able to watch the videos without an account. Your login information is in your Google Drive.


Searching a topic in IXL


Using MS Teams